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Sebastiano Floridia Structural Engineering Operates since 1993 in the area of structural design on behalf of public and private clients, and in parallel, in the field of the realization of software for civil engineering, especially for the publishing industry. The studio operational structure is organized in two seemingly separate areas, but truly integrated and allows both the development of software for engineering that the resolution of and the resolution of problems mainly structural design problems, together with testing their software procedures.

The studio, “handcraft mold”, is based on a great passion for structural modelling and its maniacal graphic representation. It has the world’s best technologies to address any problem: structural, static, seismic, and linear non-linear structural steel, c.a., and masonry and next graphical representation. In addition to the details, tagged and file production numerical control DSTV metal structural work.

Our office is a reality Artisan, and that wants to stay, composed of professionals specializing in structural design in the best Italian universities. The team works in a casual, sporty, but rigorous in the performance of various orders. The team specializes in structural design for steel, concrete, wood, masonry using Midas Gen as FEM Main. In particular specializes in modeling with TeklaStructures structural models of the various materials and participates in team important as BIM Specialist interfacing with models Oil & Gas made SmartPlants and PDMS or Archicad, Allplan, Revit Architectural within.